Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10/28/08 - Zion's National Park/Last Day

I started out the day with a small detour over to Zion's National Park. This is one beautiful place with lots of interesting rock formations. Here are a few I liked best. I think the last one is especially nice.
I then took Route 89 most of the way back to Salt Lake City. I stopped near Nephi to take a picture of the Wasatch mountains side on. You can just see where they make a bit of an S-curve up near Provo. Though I didn't take any of them today, these mountains also have some great passes.
So I'm home now. I have somewhat mixed feelings on this. While it is great to relax after my two month, 7,000 mile road trip. I really enjoyed the traveling and will miss it. For anyone who thinks that this would be fun, I highly recommend it. Don't know about a car, but for me, the open road on a motorcycle, though sometimes difficult, has really helped me renew my spirit and love for this great continent I live on. I traveled through 21 of the 50 states and one province in Canada. Maybe next time I'll get the rest, though Alaska and Hawaii might be a bit difficult.
Again, More photos on Photobucket.
So long, and thanks for reading.


cjketo44 said...

Glad you had a good time.
It's a shame that the time-frame that you were coming through my way was too crazy for me. Two days earlier or three days later would have been just fine, but at that exact moment.... no good.

It would have been nice to see you! Next time, I guess.

*grumbles about the Cubs & Sox both blowing it so fast*


Richardson Twins said...

Welcome home cousin! It sure is great to have you back. You'll have to regale me with tales from your travels. Maybe we could arrange for a slide show eh? Complete with narration of course!

dish said...

Thanks for letting us join you on your journey.